HEMG56-HEMP156G - 50-150 Watt DoE 6 Medical Adapter

Brand new HEMG56, HEMG76, HEMP106G & HEMP156G series for 50-150W are successfully published from HiTRON.

We are here to announce new brand new HEMG56, HEMG76, HEMP106 & HEMP156G series; 50-150Watt AC/DC External Green Adapter which complies with the up-to-date energy efficiency regulations (DoE Level VI) are successfully developed.

HEMG56, HEMG76, HEMP106 & HEMP156Gseries features Medical (IEC60601-1) and have wide operation temperature from -20 to +40 degree C. The user can easily install to power on system without considering the ambient temperature in the tough working temperature.

Regarding “no load power consumption”, HEMG56, HEMG76, HEMP106 & HEMP156G series meet International Efficiency Level VI request lower no-load power consumption and higher efficiency.

 HEMG56, HEMG76, HEMP106 & HEMP156Gseries are suitable to be used in the medical equipments requiring low leakage current, such as mobile clinical workstations, oral irrigators, ECG machines, medical display monitors, ultra sound machine, oxygen concentrator, therapy equipment, or blood’s analysis machine etc.

• Earth Leakage Current <0.21mA
• No load power consumption < 0.21W
• Up to 90% efficiency (various with the output voltage/wattage)
• Meets International Efficiency Level VI (DoE 6) standard
• IEC60601-1 3rd edition compliant
• 90-264VAC Universal AC input
• 50-150Watt Output Power
• 3 pole AC inlet (IEC320-C14 or IEC320-C6) and 2 pole AC inlet (IEC320-C8) available
• Built-in Over Temperature (except HEMG56), Over load and Over voltage protection
• Wide Operating Temp. -20°C to +40 °C without fan cooling
• LED indicator for power on
• Compact Dimension
• Cost with competitive price and high reliability
• Ideal for use in any medical or electric systems have low no load power consumption requirement

A competitive pricing and quality service are offered right here at HITRON as your best solution against Medical applications as well. Specifications and models are available at www.hitron-e.com.
For the sales and technical support, please contact HiTRON Electronics Corporation: sales@hitron-e.com, or (886) 7-8210412.